Bethesda College of Health Sciences

Located in Boynton Beach, the mission of the college is to prepare competent and caring health professionals by bridging the gap between education and practice.

Diversity & Inclusion Programs

We are committed to offering educational opportunities to youth and adult learners of different backgrounds and abilities.


Semester-long Internships are available for students to gain relevant skills and experiences in healthcare administration, while receiving academic credit.

Job Shadowing & Externships

These non-academic credit programs allow participants to shadow Baptist Health employees and clinicians, to gain a deep understanding of potential career paths or to learn more about our services.

Student Rotations for School Credit

Baptist Health hosts over 9,000 students annually for academic-credit clinical and administrative rotations, allowing students to gain hands-on experience as part of their school’s curriculum.

Student Scholarships

Baptist Health offers scholarships and on-site learning to eligible students from our partner and affiliate schools.
“I still pinch myself when I realize how fortunate I am to be working in the health system where I was born.”
Photo of Gabriel Suarez, M.D.
Gabriel Suarez, M.D. Family Medicine Residency | Baptist Health Primary Care Physician
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Life in South Florida

Sunny days, warm people, and multicultural community - these await you when you join us at Baptist Health South Florida.